Superintendent Adam Okaro

Superintendent Adam Okaro

Portrayed by Cyril Nri

First Appearance #060 7/11/2002

Final Appearance #442 14/9/2006

Call Sign Sierra Oscar 5-2

Superintendent Adam Okaro first entered Sun Hill a family man, enthused to take on the role in a station rocked by the scandal caused by the previous Superintendent. Adam didn’t have the sordid history of his predecessor Tom Chandler, but he did have a history, one with Inspector Gina Gold. Adam’s relationship with Gina had long since passed but with good friendship and a deep understanding of each other they made an invincible team. There were others who didn’t appreciate Adam’s integrity which made him a victim of a race hate campaign by DC Rob Thatcher and Jerome Taylor. Adam came out on top, his innocence was proved in court that he had been set up and the cannabis had been planted in his car. Adam was supported by his team at Sun Hill if not by his superiors at the MET. He was supported once again by his team after the tragic events one morning when his wife, Denise and their two children were killed in a road traffic accident. Adam believed the best way to get over the tragedy was to bury himself in work and during this time offended many of the relief over his decision to suspend Yvonne Hemmingway. Adam set his sights on a car safety initiative by day and smoking marijuana by night. Inevitably his grief overwhelmed him and he took time out replaced first by DCI Jack Meadows and then by Acting Superintendent Amanda Prosser. Adam will be fondly remembered by all at Sun Hill as an honest, hard working Superintendent who would think nothing of rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck in with the troops. He left Sun Hill to work as borough Commander, returning to the station on occasion in his new role.


#064 (#18.75)” (2002)
[to Gemma and Des]
Supt. Adam Okaro: Unless you’re waiting for me to send letters home to your parents, get out of my office.

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Where Can I See Cyril Now?
Cyril can currently be seen in the Netflix series Queen Charlotte.