DC Mickey Webb

Portrayed by Chris Simmons

First appearance: Protect and Survive (13.4.00)

Oh just where to start with Mickey Webb? He arrived at Sun Hill in the year 2000. One of the lads, even flat shared with Duncan Lennox for a time where they spent the nights eating pizza and playing on games consols.  From the very beginning Mickey showed his worth, he was a good thief taker and could take on the responsibility of going undercover, during Britanniamania episodes he helped take a team of football hooligans off the streets.  However, life threw some major upsets in Mickey’s direction beginning when many of his CID colleagues perished in the 2002 ‘petrol bomb’ fire, including his love, Kate Spears.  Holding Superintendent Tom Chandler to account he worked alongside Jack Meadows to find information that would destroy his career.  In 2003 Mickey’s world came crashing down when after the death of his mother and then he was brutally raped. Struggling to come to terms and face other officers Mickey transferred to MIT. He returned to Sun Hill as Detective Sergeant with the National Crime Squad in 2005 to investigate Neil Manson only to have his faith in his ability shattered when it turned out his girl friend was a bent cop. He took a break from the police force only to return to Sun Hill to help with the search of escaped Delaney, then Jack offered him a job as DC at Sun Hill. Mickey maintained a close bond with Jack Meadows and supported him when other CID officers have questioned Jack’s intentions. He did, however, have to distance himself from Jack at times so he was trusted by other officers in the CID office.  During Christmas 2009 Mickey was seen to take to the streets of London investigating a case rather than celebrate a family Christmas with his father although at the end of the episode we did see them to reunite.



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Where Can I See Chris Now?

We are waiting to hear of Chris’ next role, please watch this space for more info.