Season 22

Season 22 Episode 1
Episode 378

DCI Meadows is accused of professional misconduct following allegations that he framed an innocent man. DI Manson is assigned to investigate the allegations. DS Nixon and DC Webb look into a series of burglaries and the DCI’s son Benjamin becomes their prime suspect.

Season 22 Episode 2
Episode 379

DCI Meadows and former DI Douggie Price go on the run in a desperate attempt to prove their innocence, with DCI Keane and DI Manson in pursuit. Investigating a series of robberies, DS Nixon and DC Webb discover that the DCI’s son has been beaten in prison.

Season 22 Episode 3
Episode 380

It’s an eventful first day at Sun Hill for probationary PCs Emma Keane and Lewis Hardy. PCs Hemmingway and Stamp arrest a man for a driving offence but he confesses to raping a woman the night before.

Season 22 Episode 4
Episode 381

PCs Valentine and Hardy respond to a call from a young woman who claims to have been threatened by a man with a used needle, and who insists that the drug problem be addressed. DS De Costa [/b]and DC Perkins investigate when a man is threatened with a gun at a local community centre. PC Casper offers PC Fletcher a flat share

Season 22 Episode 5
Episode 382

DS Hunter and DC Terry Perkins investigate an armed robbery at a convenience store. Clever detective work leads to the arrest of both robbers. Sgt Smith plans to run off to Australia with Louise Larson.

Season 22 Episode 6
Episode 383

Sgt Smith and PC Bryant spot a man carrying drugs, leading DCs Sim and DC Zain Nadir to a major cannabis operation. DS Hunter’s wife Cindy suggests that they abandon the IVF treatment and adopt. PCs Hemmingway and Stamp are called out to a hit and run and discover that Louise Larson has been killed and that Sgt Smith is at the wheel of his car

Season 22 Episode 7
Episode 384

Sgt Smith fails a breathalyser test and is interrogated by the DPS over the death of Louise Larson while his colleagues try to prove his innocence.

Season 22 Episode 8
Episode 385

Sgt Smith appears in court charged with the nurder of Louise Larson. DCI Meadows continues to try to establish Smith’s innocence. DS De Costa and DC Sim deal with the aftermath of an exorcism.

Season 22 Episode 9
Episode 386

DS De Costa and DC Perkins assist DCI Caddick of the Child Abuse Investigation Team to investigate the case of a missing young girl who had been illegally trafficked into the country for a life of slavery. DS Hunter rows with wife Cindy over her plans for adoption. De Costa ends her relationship with Saul

Season 22 Episode 10
Episode 387

Sgt Smith is in prison accused of the murder of Louise Larson, and awaiting his bail hearing. DC Nadir is determined to prove that the witness to Smith’s accident was a plant. DCI Keane of the DPS is furious when Nadir and DC Webb arrest the man for handling stolen goods. DS De Costa and DC Perkins investigate a woman’s claims to have been abused by her father twenty years before. DCI Caddick offers De Costa a job with the Child Abuse Investigation Team.

Season 22 Episode 11
Episode 388

PC Hardy is caught up in a dramatic shooting incident at a nightclub. DS Shand arrives from Operation Trident to manage the investigation. DI Manson and DC Webb pressurise a local youth into supplying information on the shooting. DC Masters is contacted by a former informant for information about a business associate in Nottingham. Philippa Manson is going to work in Spain.

Season 22 Episode 12
Episode 389

DS Shand leads the investigation into an outbreak of shootings amongst the local gangs. PCs Hardy and Valentine try to manage the gang violence in the community. PCs Keane, Kapoor and Harman investigate a domestic disturbance that develops into a missing person case. DC Masters uncovers illegal arms trading in Nottingham.

Season 22 Episode 13
Episode 390

Acting Sergeant Hemmingway organises the search for a missing seven-year-old girl. DI Manson struggles with childcare arrangements. DS Hunter struggles with the fact that his relationship with Cindy is over.

Season 22 Episode 14
Episode 391

DI Manson assumes control of the search for the missing seven-year-old girl, with her father still the prime suspect. DC Sim is relieved of her role as family liaison officer.

Season 22 Episode 15
Episode 392

PCs Hardy, Valentine, Keane and Kapoor attend a disturbance at a snooker hall. DCs Nadir and Webb investigate an attack on the owner. DS De Costa and DC Perkins discover that the missing girl’s gymnastics teacher is a sex offender. Perkins organises a leaving party for De Costa.

Season 22 Episode 16
Episode 393

DC Perkins assists DS De Costa, now with the Child Abuse Investigation Team, on her first case. DCs Nadir and Webb organise an operation against a planned arms deal. DI Manson and DC Sim continue the search for the missing seven-year-old.

Season 22 Episode 17
Episode 394

PCs Valentine and Hardy clash when dealing with a domestic abuse case involving an inter-racial couple. DS Nixon and PC Keane investigate allegations against an aggressive young woman. Insp Gold visits Sgt Smith in prison.

Season 22 Episode 18
Episode 395

Anxious to catch some arms dealers, DC Nadir continues to use Jordan Tomlin as an informant, but the teenager gets caught up in a shooting incident. PC Hardy has to decide between loyalty to family or the job.

Season 22 Episode 19
Episode 396

DCI Meadows, DS Hunter, DC Webb and DC Nadir try to unravel a series of property deals involving Pete Larson and Joel Gates and prove a connection with Carl Caplan, who claims to have seen Sgt Smith kill Louise Larson. Meanwhile, Smith is being bullied in H.M.P. Longmarsh.

Season 22 Episode 20
Episode 397

The CID team continue to try to prove Sgt Smith’s innocence, and DCI Meadows persuades DCI Keane of the DPS to put witness Carl Caplan under surveillance. Smith’s application to attend Louise Larson’s funeral is declined, and he gets into a fight with a fellow inmate.

Season 22 Episode 21
Episode 398

Officers from the relief are assigned to crowd control at the opening night at the Bombastic night club. PC Hardy asks not to be paired with PC Valentine. Poor judgement by Acting Sergeant Hemmingway leads to catastrophe.

Season 22 Episode 22
Episode 399

Sun Hill’s handling of the night club disaster comes under scrutiny. PCs Fletcher and Stamp are assigned to the mortuary, checking the bodies for ID. At St Hugh’s, PC Lewis visits PC Valentine in hospital while PC Keane reunites a mother with her fatally-injured son. DC Webb and DS Sam Nixon investigate a case of stolen identity. Webb is smitten with Met Press Officer Mia Perry. Insp Gold accompanies Supt Okaro to his family’s graves.

Season 22 Episode 23
Episode 400

DC Stuart Turner is brought in from West End station to assist DCs Perkins and Sim with an investigation into a serious assault. PCs Fletcher and Casper compete for a place on the area car driving course. PCs Kapoor and Harman decide to put their names forward for the post of Federation representative. DCI Meadows offers Turner a detective sergeant position at Sun Hill.

Season 22 Episode 24
Episode 401

DCs Perkins and Turner try to persuade a reluctant witness to help secure the conviction of a violent criminal. DC Turner accepts promotion to the vacant detective sergeant post at Sun Hill. PC Kapoor is elected unopposed as Sun Hill’s Federation rep. DC Perkins visits his estranged sixteen-year-old daughter. PCs Fletcher wants to continue his relationship with PC Harman

Season 22 Episode 25
Episode 402

Sgt Smith returns to Sun Hill, and has to investigates his former cell-mate over an allegation of theft. The search for the missing seven-year-old girl is scaled down. DC Sim helps DI Manson search for his son, Jake, who has gone missing from school. Sim is upset at being passed over for promotion. Smith reprimands PC Bryant when she allows domestic concerns to interfere with an investigation.

Season 22 Episode 26
Episode 403

DS Turner lets DCs Nadir and Perkins bend the rules over an investigation into the beating of a suspected paedophile, but makes sure he covers his own back with DCI Meadows. DI Manson and DS Hunter have a run-in with a hot-shot solicitor. Sgt Smith’s former cellmate begs to be sent back to prison. PC Hunter applies for a transfer back to Derbyshire, and is later the victim of a serious assault.

Season 22 Episode 27
Episode 404

PCs Stamp and Casper deal with a drink-drive hit-and-run incident. DS Hunter investigates the attack on his brother. DSs Nixon and Turner investigate a fraudster. PCs Fletcher and Casper wind each other up over Fletcher’s one-night stand with PC Harman. Stamp decides to take a second job to help pay for his father’s residential care.

Season 22 Episode 28
Episode 405

PCs Hemmingway and Harman deal with a gang of youths who have been terrorising an elderly man. PC Bryant learns that her son, Liam, is involved and hands him over for questioning. DSs Hunter and Nixon work on a suspected rape case. Hunter beds a solicitor. Hemmingway drags Harman to a speed dating night, and they are surprised to meet PCs Casper and Stamp there. PC Steve Hunter leaves Sun Hill for Leeds.

Season 22 Episode 29
Episode 406

DI Manson organises a trap for a man who has called a newspaper claiming to be holding the missing seven-year-old girl. PC Stamp, moonlighting as a cab driver, overhears information about a potential felony. Sgt Ackland and PC Hollis deal with a gang of youths who have been harassing a pensioner. DC Webb gets closer to Met press officer Mia Perry

Season 22 Episode 30
Episode 407

PC Valentine returns to duty and, while partner PC Hardy acts the hero, Valentine decides not to intervene in a beating. DC Sim passes her sergeant’s exams. Supt Okaro applies for the job of Borough Commander.

Season 22 Episode 31
Episode 408

DCs Webb and Perkins lead an investigation into the disappearance of two young sisters.

Season 22 Episode 32
Episode 409

DC Sim interviews eight-year-old Charlotte Parker about the assault on her younger sister, while DCs Perkins and Webb uncover a shocking family secret. DI Manson dashes James Tennant’s hopes for his own missing eight-year-old daughter. Perkins attempts to rebuild a relationship with his estranged family.

Season 22 Episode 33
Episode 410

PCs Valentine and Kapoor search in vain for the cab driver who, Valentine claims, witnessed a serious assault. The victim regains consciousness and tells DSs Nixon and Turner that he saw an officer run from the scene. PCs Casper and Fletcher deal with a disturbance outside a pub, and later decide to put their differences aside. PC Keane introduces her solicitor-boyfriend to her colleagues

Season 22 Episode 34
Episode 411

PCs Fletcher and Casper refer a case of bare-knuckle fighting to DCs Sim and Nadir, who connect it to a GBH case they are already working on. PCs Keane and Hardy interview a man in connection with a case of criminal damage, but he confesses to murdering his wife fourteen years earlier. Supt Okaro wants PC Valentine referred to the DPS over his neglect of duty. Valentine’s outbursts on duty lead Insp Gold to insist he sees a psychiatrist. Gold presses Fletcher and Casper into entering an inter-services boxing competition. Keane feels awkward when her boyfriend joins the relief for drinks after work.

Season 22 Episode 35
Episode 412

Supt Okaro introduces a capture car, which is taken out for a tour by PCs Fletcher and Keane. DSs Nixon and Turner work on a stolen car case, and there is a hint of romance between the officers. Fletcher makes a pass at Keane after work. PC Casper wants to wriggle out of the boxing competition

Season 22 Episode 36
Episode 413

DC Nadir and DS Hunter enlist the help of an informant to crack a counterfeit perfume scam. DSs Turner and Nixon investigate a suspicious death when a couple claim to have found a body in their house. The lovestruck DSs share a passionate kiss. PC Keane is single again, and both PCs Fletcher and Hardy try their luck.

Season 22 Episode 37
Episode 414

DCs Webb and Sim investigate a series of attacks on a bar. Webb gets caught up in the Parkers’ domestic arrangements when PCs Stamp and Hollis are called to a domestic disturbance at their home. PC Bryant considers her future with the Met when her son Liam is arrested again. Sgt Ackland agrees to go on a date with Rod Jessop, but Webb stands Mia Perry up.

Season 22 Episode 38
Episode 415

MIT investigate the death of Tom Parker, and DC Webb is accused of coaching his friend, Fern, to plead self-defence. PCs Bryant and Kapoor investigate the assault of an elderly man who is accused of racial abuse. Insp Gold tries to persuade Bryant not to resign from the Met. Webb gets personal with DI Radcliffe. Rod Jessop continues to woo Sgt Ackland.

Season 22 Episode 39
Episode 416

DC Nadir and DS Hunter investigate an apparent protection racket and uncover a plot to have a couple murdered. DC Perkins goes undercover as a contract killer. PCs Hardy and Valentine pursue a murderer who escapes from an ambulance when it is involved in an accident. PC Keane tries to avoid the attentions of her ex-boyfriend and PC Fletcher.

Season 22 Episode 40
Episode 417

PCs Fletcher and Keane come across a toddler on the streets covered in blood. DS Hunter and DC Sim try to uncover the truth behind two conflicting accounts of domestic violence. DS Nixon clashes with DS Turner over his tactics when they investigate a stabbing and robbery in a shopping centre. PC Keane’s ex-boyfriend files charges against PC Fletcher. With Fletcher out of action, PC Casper is left to represent Sun Hill at the boxing competition.

Season 22 Episode 41
Episode 418

DSs Nixon and Turner investigate the shooting of a twelve-year-old boy, while Supt Okaro tries to manage outraged public opinion. PCs Lewis and Valentine have a falling out during door-to-door enquiries into the shooting. PCs Fletcher and Keane are called out to attend a burglary. Keane gets invited out for a drink by both Fletcher and her ex-fiancé

Season 22 Episode 42
Episode 419

DC Sim is assigned as mentor to Trainee DC Kezia Walker and the pair investigate a rape case. PCs Stamp and Fletcher attend a call-out to a burglary and have a run-in with a dog. DAC Georgia Hobbs instructs Supt Adam Okaro to formally apologise for his lack of restraint the previous day. PC Fletcher breaks off his brief flirtation with PC Keane.

Season 22 Episode 43
Episode 420

Sgt Ackland and PC Kapoor discover a 13-year-old girl who has overdosed on heroin. DS Hunter and DC Nadir lead the hunt for the dealer. PCs Valentine and Hardy get called to a disturbance at a local swimming pool and get drawn into a escalating domestic dispute. Sandra Valentine is filing for divorce. Supt Okaro prepares to leave for his new post as Borough Commander

Season 22 Episode 44
Episode 421

Supt John Heaton arrives to take charge at Sun Hill. The CID team set out to impress the new boss by finding a local drug dealer who is wanted for GBH. DCs Sim and Walker investigate an assault and discover that a serial rapist may be at large.

Season 22 Episode 45
Episode 422

There is a rash of complaints of food-poisoning, and the witness to a traffic accident leads DS Nixon and DC Webb to a theft from a meat-processing plant. DC Nadir and DS Hunter investigate a luxury health club that may be a front for a major drug syndicate. Webb is floored when a journalist asks him about the traumatic events in his past. PC Hemmingway tries to keep her occupation a secret from her new boyfriend.

Season 22 Episode 46
Episode 423

DC Nadir poses as a corrupt police officer in an attempt to expose a major drug operation. DC Webb investigates when the young target of a mugging is found carrying money he cannot account for. Supt Heaton arrests a young drug dealer while out for a jog. Webb decides to open up to Mia Perry, but his confession could end their relationship. PC Hemmingway decides to tell her new boyfriend that she is a police officer

Season 22 Episode 47
Episode 424

A medium claims to have had a vision of missing Amy Tennant, and leads DI Manson to a wood, where they find a doll belonging to the girl. DC Sim and TDC Walker investigate a reported rape, and the victim identifies PC Stamp as her attacker. Sim and DS Turner apply for a sergeant’s post with the Kidnap Unit.

Season 22 Episode 48
Episode 425

DS Turner takes control of the investigation into the serial rapist. PC Stamp investigates his fellow cab drivers, and TDC Walker mounts a decoy operation to trap their suspect. PCs Keane and Fletcher deal with a complaint that a teenaged girl is being bullied at school. Sgt Ackland gets closer to Rod Jessop, while Walker makes a move on Sgt Smith.

Season 22 Episode 49
Episode 426

PCs Hemmingway and Harman are called to the scene of a shop robbery. DCs Perkins and Webb lead the search for the injured robber. Supt Heaton continues to promote his zero tolerance policy, and urges arrests for petty offences. Matt Hinckley takes a post as CPS solicitor at Sun Hill. DC Perkins has to manage a dangerous offender, and tries to establish a new relationship with his estranged son. Sgt Smith and TDC Walker deal with the morning after the night before

Season 22 Episode 50
Episode 427

Officers mount an operation against a major drug dealer. Supt Heaton tries to win Insp Gold over to his zero tolerance approach to drugs, but PC Hardy is uncomfortable with the new policy. PCs Casper and Fletcher investigate vandalism at a local go-kart stadium, then prepare for a boxing match. DC Perkins supervises a newly-released and potentially dangerous ex-con, and get closer to ex-wife Helen.

Season 22 Episode 51
Episode 428

PCs Valentine and Hardy attend the scene of a burglary. The intruder is injured at the scene, and TDC Walker and DC Perkins set out to track down the householder who shot him. Sgt Smith and PC Hollis arrest the driver of a suspect vehicle, but Kristen Shaw asks DC Nadir to retrieve the car for her. Valentine and Hardy pursue a man who has been stalking a local transsexual

Season 22 Episode 52
Episode 429

PCs Hardy and Stamp are called to an incident at a nightclub. DC Perkins is shocked to discover that his daughter, Holly, has been taking ecstasy. Perkins and DI Manson pose as buyers to trap the dealer, but DC Nadir blows the operation, warning Kristen Shaw in an attempt to further ingratiate himself with her. PCs Fletcher and Casper track down a stolen motorcycle, but Casper is injured during the subsequent arrests.

Season 22 Episode 53
Episode 430

DSs Nixon and Turner investigate the destruction of a collection of paintings in an arson attack. DC Nadir fights to maintain his cover as a corrupt officer. DS Hunter and DC Webb arrest a drug dealer working for the target organisation. The relief celebrates as PCs Lewis and Keane successfully complete their probationary period. Lewis agrees to go for a drink with DC Perkins’s daughter, Holly. Turner gives Nixon an ultimatum.

Season 22 Episode 54
Episode 431

DS Turner steps in to helps DS Nixon investigate a burglary at a factory, freeing DS Hunter to visit his son. Sgt Ackland and PC Stamp investigate a missing person report, and discover that the woman has run off with the caretaker of her residential care home and £67,000. TDC Walker is furious when the CPS drops the case against the accused serial rapist. Nixon agrees to let Turner move in with her, while Stamp decides to let his father move in with him.

Season 22 Episode 55
Episode 432

DSs Nixon and Turner investigate a hijacking and the theft of computer chips. Sgt Smith discovers that the serial rape suspect is targeting one of his victims, and he and TDC Walker warn her. DI Manson and DC Nadir try to trace James Tennant, who is convinced that he has found his missing daughter.

Season 22 Episode 56
Episode 433

Sgt Smith and TDC Walker attend to a rape victim, who is convinced she is being stalked by her attacker. PCs Valentine and Hardy attend the scene of an accident and have to deliver a baby. DC Perkins investigates the mother for possession of cocaine, then has to deal with an incident involving a violent offender that he is monitoring. Perkins discovers that Lewis is dating his daughter.

Season 22 Episode 57
Episode 434

PC Fletcher is assigned to infiltrate the “Racial Defence Army” as a racist police officer. PCs Hemmingway and Keane deal with a racist assault on the leader of the Islamic Women’s Group at the local community centre. Keane has a row with boyfriend Matt Hinckley and seeks comfort from Fletcher.

Season 22 Episode 58
Episode 435

PC Fletcher, who has infiltrated a racist organisation, is assaulted by a group of Asian men. DC Webb discovers that the RDA plan to blow up the headquarters of the National Socialist Alliance, a rival right-wing organisation. PC Keane accepts Matt Hinckley’s offer of marriage.

Season 22 Episode 59
Episode 436

DSs Nixon and Hunter investigate the disappearance of a pensioner and discover his body in his own basement freezer. PCs Casper and Hardy arrest a migrant worker accused of stealing from his workmates, but DC Perkins uncovers the truth. Hardy continues to date Holly Perkins behind her father’s back. There is a collection for PC Fletcher, who is recovering from injuries sustained in a bomb blast.

Season 22 Episode 60
Episode 437

PCs Valentine and Lewis attend to a young boy who has fallen into a coma after accidentally taking heroin. DI Manson and DCI Meadows arrest Kirsten Shaw despite DC Nadir’s objections, prompting the DC to desperate measures. PC Hardy has spent the night with Holly Perkins and has to hide when her father turns up unexpectedly


Season 22 Episode 61
Episode 438

DC Nadir and TDC Walker are called to investigate a fire at a clothing warehouse. Walker suspects an insurance fraud, but Nadir sneaks off to meet Kirsten Shaw. When Shaw is assaulted, Nadir takes matters into his own hands. PCs Valentine and Hardy investigate an assault on a transvestite. Sgt Ackland is concerned about Valentine’s mental health.

Season 22 Episode 62
Episode 439

Sgt Ackland and PC Valentine attend a road traffic accident and an assault, both involving a disturbed young woman with financial problems. PCs Harman and Hemmingway investigate an assault on a drug dealer, and CCTV identifies DC Nadir as the assailant. Sgt Smith and TDC Walker flirt over a game of pool. Rod Jessop organises a foreign holiday with Sgt Ackland. PC Stamp arranges for his father to move in with him.

Season 22 Episode 63
Episode 440

DSs Nixon and Turner investigate the stabbing of a recently-released armed robber. Supt Heaton demands high visibility patrols of the Jasmine Allen estate. Insp Gold suspects that Heaton is planning to phase out some of the older officers. PC Stamp abandons his post to attend to his father. Ch Supt Okaro visits Sun Hill. Nixon discovers that she is pregnant.

Season 22 Episode 64
Episode 441

New PC Diane Noble arrives at Sun Hill. Supt Heaton organises a raid on a crack house. The target drug dealer sues the police over the death of his grandmother. Noble assists Sgt Smith to investigate an assault on an elderly drunk. Insp Gold criticises Supt Heaton’s tactics, and he suggests that she leave Sun Hill. Heaton’s wife accuses him of having an affair. DS Nixon has a miscarriage, and ends her relationship with DS Turner.

Season 22 Episode 65
Episode 442

TDC Walker and Sgt Smith set up a surveillance operation in an attempt to trap a rapist into confessing to his crime, but his victim disappears. Supt Heaton institutes high visibility patrols on the Antrim Estate to deter car crime. Insp Gold considers her future at Sun Hill. Ch Supt Okaro challenges Heaton over hostile media coverage of his zero tolerance policing. PC Stamp again slips away from work to deal with his father.

Season 22 Episode 66
Episode 443

PCs Stamp and Hollis attend the scene of a fire at a guest house. DSs Hunter and Nixon investigate and uncover an illegal immigrant network. Sgt Smith tries to get a rape suspect to confess, while TDC Walker tries to persuade his wife to withdraw her alibi statement. Nixon ends her relationship with DS Turner.

Season 22 Episode 67
Episode 444

PCs Hollis and Stamp investigate a dog-napping and uncover a murder. PCs Fletcher and Keane are called to a disturbance and find the wife of a convicted rapist trying to kill herself. PC Fletcher discovers that PC Casper is taking steroids. Smith and TDC Walker get intimate in the sergeant’s office. DC Perkins steps into the relationship between PC Hardy and his daughter. PC Stamp’s father is hospitalised.

Season 22 Episode 68
Episode 445

Sgt Ackland and PC Noble come across a Croat woman who has been badly assaulted. DS Turner traces her to an address where a number of trafficked women are being held. PC Noble discovers a tape confirming that the women are being sold. An illegal immigrant on the witness protection scheme decides not to testify against a trafficker, as he fears his wife is being held by the gang. While Turner coordinates activities with SOCA, DSs Hunter and Nixon are sent to Bucharest to liaise with the Romanian police. Hunter decides to mount his own investigation, but things go badly and he and Nixon become targets

Season 22 Episode 70
Episode 447

DSs Hunter and Nixon, in Bucharest to investigate a human trafficking operation, decide that they cannot trust the local police inspector. Back at Sun Hill, the assault victim is able to lead police to the brothel where she was forced to work, but also reveals a shocking piece of information about the aid worker who has been helping Hunter and Nixon in Romania.

Season 22 Episode 71
Episode 448

PCs Fletcher and Casper are called to an incident of vandalism. Insp Gold and DC Perkins arrest the son of a supervised ex-con on suspicion of blackmail. PCs Hemmingway and Harman deal a group of youths who are bullying a homeless man. Hemmingway is eventually provoked to a disproportionate response, and faces disciplinary action. PCs Noble and Hollis are called to St Hugh’s to deal with a drunk and are surprised to have to deal with a colleague. Supt Heaton rejects an advance from DAC Hobbs.

Season 22 Episode 72
Episode 449

DC Perkins and TDC Walker set up an operation to intercept an illegal shipment from Spain. PCs Kapoor and Hollis attend to an illegal imigrant who has been seriously injured during a mugging. The suspended PC Hemmingway has meetings with Kapoor, her Federation Rep, and Supt Heaton. Perkins shares a passionate kiss with his ex-wife.

Season 22 Episode 73
Episode 450

PCs Fletcher and Keane arrest a youth for shoplifting on the basis of video footage on a mislaid mobile phone. PCs Hardy and Hemmingway deal with the report of a missing man. DCs Perkins and Webb investigate his abduction. Supt Heaton’s wife admits to having an affair. Matt Hinckley plans an early wedding to PC Keane. Perkins gets intimate with his ex-wife.

Season 22 Episode 74
Episode 451

DC Webb is arrested on a charge of rape. DCI Meadows and DC Nadir try to prove his innocence. PCs Harman and Fletcher attend to an RTA. Fletcher decides to take a blood sample from the unconscious car driver. Matt Hinckley warns Fletcher off PC Keane.

Season 22 Episode 75
Episode 452

PCs Harman and Keane are assigned to clear a red light district of street walkers. DC Nadir arranges for a prostitute to be released from custody, but she is subsequently assaulted. PCs Kapoor and Casper stop a man for kerb crawling. Insp Gold discovers that Sgt Smith and TDC Walker getting intimate in her office. DS Nixon prompts DS Hunter to ask her out on a date.

Season 22 Episode 76
Episode 453

PCs Harman and Keane deal with the reported disappearance of a prostitute. DC Webb and TDC Walker investigate when she is found to have been mugged. DC Nadir confronts Kristen Shaw over the assault of a drugs mule. Nadir arranges to meet Shaw’s new supplier but is abducted at gunpoint. DS Nixon confronts DS Hunter over their budding relationship. PC Harman has to organise PC Keane’s hen night.

Season 22 Episode 77
Episode 454

PCs Hemmingway and Harman investigate a break-in at a doctor’s surgery. DC Perkins helps PCs Keane and Fletcher decide to bring down a cowboy builder with a sideline in blackmail. The WPCs throw a hen night for Keane, who decides to tell her fiancé about her fling with Fletcher.

Season 22 Episode 78
Episode 455

DC Perkins investigates the assault on PC Fletcher. Fletcher determines to persuade PC Keane not to proceed with the wedding. PC Hemmingway and DC Nadir investigate an allegation of sex with a minor. Nadir visit’s his sister’s grave.

Season 22 Episode 79
Episode 456

DSs Turner and Nixon and TDC Walker investigate an arson attack on a foster home. PCs Casper and Fletcher deal with a report of a stolen laptop. DS Hunter and DC Webb uncover a scam involving illegally-imported banknotes. Sgt Ackland proposes moving in with her boyfriend.

Season 22 Episode 80
Episode 457

Sgt Ackland and PC Noble investigate a stabbing. PCs Stamp and Hemmingway are involved in an RTA with an ambulance during a high-speed pursuit of an armed robber. Sgt Nikki Wright from Barton Street, on board with the victim, negotiates with the gunman, then assists DCI Meadows with the investigation into the robbery. The father of missing schoolgirl Amy Tennant is arrested for drink-driving and assault. Supt Heaton gives in to pressure from DAC Heaton to resume their affair.

Season 22 Episode 81
Episode 458

DC Webb investigates a serious assault on a prostitute who has been badly beaten by her pimp. PC Hemmingway continues her investigation into a doctor accused of improper relations with an uder-aged girl. PC Casper is warned about his time-keeping, and dumped by his girlfriend. Webb opens up to ex-girlfriend Mia Perry.

Season 22 Episode 82
Episode 459

DSs Nixon and Turner deal with a domestic dispute. DSs Hunter and Nixon investigate when money from an armed robbery is deposited in a bank. PCs Hemmingway and Noble are called to a break-in. Hemmingway and TDC Walker try to build a case against a suspected paedophile. Hemmingway accepts promotion to another station.

Season 22 Episode 83
Episode 460

Sgt Smith has to contend with an outbreak of violence during a power failure in the custody suite. DSs Hunter and Nixon deal with a case of identity fraud and physical abuse. DC Perkins is assaulted by his ex-wife’s husband, and decides to move in with her. Insp Gold gives a station visitor a personalised tour of Sun Hill. Nixon ends her short-lived relationship with Hunter.

Season 22 Episode 84
Episode 461

Off-duty PC Fletcher arrests a man after a work night out at a club, but the man alleges assault and his girlfriend corroborates his account. PCs Valentine and Hinckley, DS Hunter and DC Perkins foil a jewellery shop robbery. DC Nadir’s father is arrested for burglary. Nadir’s parents disown him over his relationship with a drug dealer. Insp Gold’s latest paramour confesses that he is married.

Season 22 Episode 85
Episode 462

PCs Casper and Valentine attend to an intoxicated girl sitting in a garden pond at a house-warming party, while PC Hinckley is left holding the baby. DCI Meadows decides to bring DC Nadir’s undercover operation to a close, and to arrest the key targets at a planned drugs handover, but SOCA pulls the opertaion. DI Manson checks on Neil Tennant, due in court for drink-driving and assault. Casper starts taking steroids again

Season 22 Episode 86
Episode 463

DC Nadir is seriously compromised as SOCA prepares to intercept the Columbian drugs shipment. Insp Gold and PC Valentine deal with a domestic situation at a lottery winner’s home. PC Fletcher forces PC Casper to confess to steroid abuse.

Season 22 Episode 87
Episode 464

DC Masters, who has been working undercover at a haulage firm involved in gun-running, returns to Sun Hill and asks for assistance. PCs Harman and Kapoor break-up a fight at a funeral.

Season 22 Episode 88
Episode 465

DCs Masters and Perkins searches for Masters’s associate, who has been abducted at gunpoint. PCs Stamp, Hollis, Harman and Kapoor attend a mass eviction of council tenants from the Aldbourne Estate.

Season 22 Episode 89
Episode 466

PCs Harman and Noble attend to the assault of one of Noble’s old army colleagues. PCs Fletcher and Kapoor are called to an arson attack on a flat on the Aldbourne Estate. DC Webb and TDC Walker investigate. Fletcher tries to rekindle his relationship with Harman, while Webb attempts to woo Mia Perry.

Season 22 Episode 90
Episode 467

Sgt Smith and PC Noble search for a 16-year-old runaway. DS Turner and TDC Walker investigate an illegal marriage scam. PCs Harman and Fletcher attend to a disturbance at a hotel. DC Webb tries to distance himself from ex-prostitute Carrie Morgan.

Season 22 Episode 91
Episode 470

The future of Sun Hill station is under threat, and Supt Heaton demands improved performance from the team. PCs Valentine and Hollis come across the decomposed body of a drug user. New Sgt Nikki Wright and PC Stamp attend the scene of a failed robbery at a jeweller’s shop. DC Perkins questions a man about another planned robbery. Sgt Ackland and Rod Jessop discuss an anti-bullying campaign, and he proposes.