Season 23

Season 23 Episode 1
Episode 471

PCs Valentine and Casper arrest a man for being drunk-in-charge. DI Manson and Sgt Doug Wright mount a frantic search for a missing eleven-year-old boy. Sgt Ackland and PC Fletcher attend to an incident of vandalism at Harvey Wallace comprehensive. Ackland’s boyfriend is knocked down in a hit-and-run incident.

Season 23 Episode 2
Episode 472

DSs Turner, Nixon, and Hunter and DC Masters investigate an arson attack on the home of a lottery-winning family. PCs Stamp and Hollis check CCTV footage of the hit-and-run incident. DCI Meadows persuades DS Nixon to make a late application for the new inspector’s position at Sun Hill. Sgt Ackland accepts Rod Jessop’s marriage proposal.

Season 23 Episode 3
Episode 473

DS Nixon leads the search for the Sun Hill arsonist. PCs Stamp and Hollis find vital evidence, and Nixon and Hunter extract a confession. Sgt Smith and PC Hardy attend to assaults on a market trader and a pregnant woman. Hardy is upset that his grandmother is emigrating. Nixon tells her colleagues that she is to be the new DI.

Season 23 Episode 4
Episode 474

Insp Gold and PC Valentine free an assault victim from the boot of his car. DS Nixon and DC Masters investigate when the victim is accused of rape. PC Hardy investigates an apparent mugging. Gold is summoned to court and discovers that her new lover is a magistrate. Hardy gets a new housemate.

Season 23 Episode 5
Episode 475

Supt Heaton tells his officers that Sun Hill police station is under threat. PCs Noble and Harman attend an apparent suicide. DCs Webb and Masters investigate a loan shark. PCs Valentine and Casper investigate an assault on a pub landlord.

Season 23 Episode 6
Episode 476

SOCA plans to intercept a major drugs deal, but DC Nadir warns the targets and feeds his CID colleagues a false location. PCs Hinckley and Fletcher attend to a call from a man worried about his mother. DI Manson, DS Turner and DC Webb investigate a serious assault. PC Harman invites Fletcher on holiday

Season 23 Episode 7
Episode 477

SOCA is prepared to shut Sun Hill out of the drugs operation until DC Nadir feeds his colleagues information about planned decoy drops. PC Harman is assigned to look after a drugs mule, but the safe house is compromised and Nadir’s undercover role is threatened. PC Fletcher has second thoughts about going on holiday with Harman.

Season 23 Episode 8
Episode 478

DC Nadir and PC Harman are taken captive by the drug dealers. DCI Meadows mounts a rescue operation, but Nadir had fed him a false location for the drugs delivery.

Season 23 Episode 9
Episode 479

DCI Meadows and DI Manson investigate DC Nadir’s role in the ongoing undercover operation. Nadir plans to flee the country with his drug-dealer girlfriend. A body is recovered from the river at Bonham Wharf.

Season 23 Episode 10
Episode 484

DCI Meadows leads an intensive search for the missing PC Harman. Supt Heaton’s wife asks him to move out. Insp Gold arranges a boxing match between PCs Casper and Fletcher. PC Hinckley challenges her husband Matt’s bullying behaviour

.Season 23 Episode 11
Episode 485

Sun Hill is in shock after the death of PC Harman. MIT interrogate DC Nadir but he is released pending further enquiries. Vital evidence is soon uncovered, and DCI Meadows orders Nadir’s arrest, but he has arranged to meet Kristen Shaw and flee the country. Mrs Harman decides to visit the station to meet PC Fletcher.

Season 23 Episode 12
Episode 480

PCs Valentine and Casper attend to the victim of a stabbing. Sgt Ackland and PC Stamp investigate the connection with Harvey Wallace School. Insp Gold and Sgt Smith search for an absconded prisoner. PCs Noble and Hollis are called to the scene of a burglary at a pharmacy. Gold receives some unexpected gifts from her lover. Ackland suggests that she and her fiancé bring forward their wedding plans and retire.

Season 23 Episode 13
Episode 481

Newly-promoted DI Nixon takes on the outstanding missing-person files, and proposes a press event to stimulate new responses in the Tennant case. The relief is policing the Aldbourne Estate, which is to be redeveloped despite the objections of some residents. PCs Stamp and Hollis catch a youth who has been stealing piping from one of the properties, but the developer refuses to press charges. Sgt Ackland challenges him over the use of a derelict property as a drugs den. Sgt Smith and PC Valentine arrest a man for reckless driving, but he gives a false identity and is bailed. Nixon and DS Turner arrange a sting operation to trap him. Sgt Smith is unimpressed when TDC Walker decides to spring a surprise for his birthday, and decides to end their relationship. Ackland tells Stamp and Hollis that she has decided to retire.

Season 23 Episode 14
Episode 482

DIs Nixon and Manson renew investigations into the disappearance of Amy Tennant when a memorial event produces a new witness and leads to the discovery of a child’s corpse buried on an allotment. PCs Hinckley and Noble stumble across a sheep-rustling operation. Matt Hinckley steps up his campaign to undermine his wife’s confidence.

Season 23 Episode 15
Episode 483

DIs Manson and Nixon lead the hunt for the missing Amy Tennant after the child is picked up on CCTV. PCs Valentine and Casper bring the boyfriend of the suspected abductor in for questioning. PC Hinckley makes a major breakthrough with the suspect’s mother, but has further problems with husband Matt.

Season 23 Episode 16
Episode 486

Sgt Ackland breaks up a fight between an evicted tenant and a property developer on the Aldbourne Estate. Ackland finds herself under attack when she and PC Valentine investigate allegations that the developer used bribes to win the tender.

Season 23 Episode 17
Episode 487

Sgt Wright supervises the mass eviction of tenants from the Aldbourne Estate, and finds herself having to manage a public order situation. DC Webb traces the driver who ran Sgt Ackland off the road. She and Insp Gold present Supt Heaton with evidence of DAC Hobbs’s involvement in the corrupt property development. DS Jim Carver returns to Sun Hill to discuss a case. The station is to survive the forthcoming reorganisation.

Season 23 Episode 18
Episode 488

Sgt Ackland assists DS Carver on a drugs stakeout. The officers are at loggerheads over their troubled past, and soon find themselves in over their heads. The relief carries out a search of some wasteland following the discovery of a human skeleton.

Season 23 Episode 19
Episode 489

Sgt Ackland and DS Carver are held hostage by drug dealers. Carver asks Ackland to take him back. Meanwhile, Sun Hill prepares Ackland’s leaving party.

Season 23 Episode 20
Sweet Revenge

PCs Noble and Fletcher attend the scene of a burglary. DS Hunter and DC Masters investigate the assault of a woman running an adult webcam service. DI Nixon sees the chance to put away a villain from her past. Sgt Smith compromises a key witness to the incident. DC Webb and PCs Hinckley and Valentine are assigned to the clean-up of the Jasmine Allen Estate and uncover drug-dealing and joy-riding

Season 23 Episode 21
Killer on the Run

Sgt Smith attends a minor traffic incident and discovers a body in the boot of a car. DCI Meadows and DC Webb lead the manhunt for the suspect, who is armed and blames Smith for ruining his life.

Season 23 Episode 22
Dead Men Don’t Tell Lies

DS Turner and DC Webb investigate an arson attack and suspicious death. Supt Heaton suspects an acquaintance of the deceased, a dangerous psychopath with a history of extortion, and warns his estranged wife to leave London. PCs Hinckley and Fletcher deal with a violent assault case. PCs Hollis and Stamp have to find the key witness when he flees court.

Season 23 Episode 23

PCs Valentine and Hardy attend the stabbing of a gang member. DS Hunter and DC Masters investigate, but Hardy takes a personal interest when his cousin appears to be involved. PCs Noble and Fletcher are involved in a high-speed car chase with fatal consequences. DCI Meadows questions Supt Heaton about his relationship with a dangerous psychopath.

Season 23 Episode 23
Dicing with Danger

PCs Keane and Noble come across the victim of an assault. DS Hunter and DC Dasari investigate and, establishing a connection with a local casino, set up an undercover sting operation using Keane. Sgt Stone and PC Casper are called to a domestic disturbance, and uncover infidelity and drug use.

Season 23 Episode 24
Daddy’s Girl

A hit-and-run driver is missing and Heaton suspects ex-policeman Ray Moore of his murder. DCI Meadows, DCs Webb and Perkins investigate. PC Noble is confronted by a 10-year-old girl with a gun, then contends with a local gang’s initiation ritual. Heaton gets close to press officer Mia Perry. Insp Gold agrees to spend the night with her married lover

Season 23 Episode 25
End of the Affair

DIs Manson and Nixon investigate the kidnapping of Insp Gold’s married lover. An embarrassed Gold confesses about the affair to her colleagues. PCs Valentine and Hardy are called to an assault on the Larkmead Estate. Hardy’s girlfriend’s younger brother offers his assistance, but soon finds himself in serious trouble.

Season 23 Episode 26
Exit Wound

PCs Hardy and Valentine assist an assault victim. DCs Masters and Perkins investigate and uncover a plot to rob a security van. Insp Gold and PCs Casper and Hollis attend the scene of a burglary. Hardy’s girlfriend’s brother is arrested. Gold ends the relationship with her married lover.

Season 23 Episode 27
Pride Before a Fall

PCs Fletcher and Noble attend a robbery at a nail bar. DSs Hunter and Turner investigate, and have a serious falling out. PCs Hardy and Valentine assist DC Masters in her investigation into the recently-discovered human skull.

Season 23 Episode 28
Hunter on the Street

Supt Heaton coordinates the search for an escaped prisoner and reopens the investigation into the original conviction. Sgt Hunter is reassigned to uniform duties and paired with PC Kapoor as they investigate a robbery at a convenience store. Supt Heaton gets into a clinch with DC Webb’s girlfriend, press officer Mia Perry.

Season 23 Episode 29
Role Model

PCs Casper and Fletcher arrest a member of a gang of steamers. DCs Perkins and Webb investigate an assault on the boy’s mother. CID mounts an undercover operation to catch the gang in action. A man confesses paedophiliac urges to Sgt Wright. Fletcher hears a shocking secret from Matt Hinckley’s past. Mia Perry regrets her one-night stand with Supt Heaton.

Season 23 Episode 30
And Nothing but the Truth

DC Webb investigates the death of a young woman found drowned in a swimming pool, then confronts Supt Heaton over his liaison with Mia Perry. PC Fletcher tells PC Hinckley that her husband has been lying to her.

Season 23 Episode 31
Day of Reckoning

Supt Heaton briefs Insp Gold and DC Masters on the alleged events of the night before, in which PC Hinckley hit her husband over the head with a bottle in a jealous rage. Hinckley faces an attempted murder charge. PC Fletcher works out a plan to expose Matt’s manipulative ways. DI Manson coordinates a raid on a crack house, while PCs Hardy and Valentine search for the dealer running it. PC Casper is let down by a crack addict he endeavours to help.

Season 23 Episode 32
Blood Money

DI Nixon, Sgt Wright and PC Noble deal with a young woman who was pushed from a walkway on the Coal Lane Estate. Nixon, Wright and Sgt Smith are then called to deal with the attempted suicide of the woman’s husband. Wright and Noble are called to a disturbance at her flat the next day, but she has disappeared. DC Webb deals with an assault. DCs Perkins and Webb, and PCs Stamp and Casper, go undercover to trap a confidence trickster.

Season 23 Episode 33
Honour and Obey

DCI Meadows and DI Nixon lead the investigation into the death of a young Asian woman. PC Noble and DC Webb question the victim of an alleged mugging, who claims to be an undercover police officer.

Season 23 Episode 34
Baby Trade

Probationary PC Beth Green arrives at Sun Hill and has a troubled first day paired with PC Keane. DCs Perkins and Masters lead the search for a missing baby. DCI Meadows and DI Nixon go undercover as a childless couple to break a baby-selling operation.

Season 23 Episode 35
Lies that Kill

Sgt Wright and PC Fletcher deal with a disturbance at a family court, then attend the scene when a woman falls to her death from a tower block. PCs Casper and Green are called to a car showroom, where a mother is mounting a protest against 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Season 23 Episode 36
Inner Demons

Sgt Wright and PC Hardy attend to a suicidal Josh Carey. PC Hollis and Sgt Hunter investigate the disappearance of a necklace from a body in a closed coffin. DC Perkins approaches DI Manson for permission to mount an undercover operation to expose a child-pornography ring.

Season 23 Episode 37
Getting Away with Murder

Sgt Hunter and PC Kapoor witness a mugging and uncover a case of blackmail. A witness complains that he has been receiving threatening phone calls from ex-copper Ray Moore. PCs Keane and Hollis attend the scene of a road traffic accident.

Season 23 Episode 38
Trigger Happy

DSs Hunter and Turner interview a young joyrider, and follow up a report that he plans to take part in an armed robbery. DIs Nixon and Manson investigate the shooting of a gang member. Supt Heaton is determined to prove a connection to ex-copper Ray Moore.

Season 23 Episode 39
Do or Die

DI Nixon and DS Turner investigate an assault on PC Hardy’s girlfriend, Tash. PCs Noble and Hardy uncover what appears to be a series of robberies from the homes of pensioners.

Season 23 Episode 40
no such episode listed.

Season 23 Episode 41
On the Edge

PCs Noble, Fletcher, Casper and Green attend to a road traffic incident. The driver is alone in her car, but forensic examination reveals the blood of another person. PC Hardy’s girlfriend Tash Niles agrees to give evidence againt Ray Moore. Supt Heaton directs a search for further evidence.

Season 23 Episode 42
Better Off Dead

Supt Heaton and DI Manson investigate the suspicious death of Ray Moore. PC Hardy decides to face the consequences of his actions. DC Webb and new DC Grace Dasari investigate the reported sighting of a long-term missing person.

Season 23 Episode 43
Old Wounds

PCs Fletcher and Casper attend to a woman who claims to have been raped. New evidence leads DCI Meadows and former colleague DCI Roy Atherton to reopen an investigation into a 20-year-old series of rapes. PCs Keane, Green and Valentine call to enforce an injuction in a domestic dispute and uncover a case of credit card cloning.

Season 23 Episode 44
Judgement Call

DCI Meadows is sent home from work and crashes his car to avoid hitting a man standing in the middle of the road. The case is referred to the traffic unit, but DC Webb tries to prove that Meadows was not at fault. PCs Keane and Fletcher attend a call to an industrial estate and witness an explosion. DI Manson, DS Turner and DC Dasari investigate a possible connection with religious extremism.

Season 23 Episode 45
A Model Murder Part 1

PCs Kapoor and Stamp discover the body of a murdered supermodel. DC Jo Masters and DS Stuart Turner identify a possible connection to anti-fur protesters, while DC Webb investigates whether a boyfriend had a motive for murder. DC Perkins discovers a porn film, with footage of a missing 15-year-old runaway, at the dead woman’s house. DCI Meadows prepares to testify against ex-DC Zain Nadir. Turner makes a move on a forensic examiner.

Season 23 Episode 46
A Model Murder Part 2

DI Manson leads the supermodel murder investigation. PCs Kapoor and Stamp track down a man who had been stalking the dead woman, while DC Masters and DS Turner interview the victim’s half-brother. Kapoor is assaulted by an intruder, and Sgt Smith and TDC Walker discover a quantity of heroin in her flat.

Season 23 Episode 47
Match Day Violence

Officers from Sun Hill and Barton Street police a local football match. DC Perkins goes undercover to trap a man suspected of supplying illegally imported goods, but both are trapped in the cellar when a violent pub brawl starts up. Sgt Doug Wright is stabbed. PCs Stamp and Hardy attend to an assault victim. DI Nixon and TDC Walker investigate.

Season 23 Episode 48
Cop Killer Part 1

New PCs Sally Armstrong and Billy Rowan arrive at Sun Hill, where the team is anxious to find the man who stabbed Sgt Doug Wright. The new recruits are puppy-walked by Sgt Nikki Wright and PC Keane, and attend a disturbance at a jewellery shop, and are then called on to deal with a report of stone-throwing at an abandoned factory.

Season 23 Episode 49
Cop Killer Part 2

The prime suspect for the murder of PC Rowan and the assault on Sgt Doug Wright is brought in to the station, but Sgt Nikki Wright cannot pick him out of a line-up. Determined to bring a killer to justice, Wright and PC Armstrong trail the suspect, but they may be taking their lives in their hands…

Season 23 Episode 50
Behind Closed Doors

PC Keane and Insp Gold investigate an allegation of rape, but the credibility of the witness is called into question. PCs Hardy and Valentine attend to a young boy found collapsed with a bag of ecstasy pills in his pocket. DS Turner and DC Masters uncover the source of the tablets, and plan a drugs bust

Season 23 Episode 51
Man Down

PC Hardy is released on bail after his arrest on drugs charges. PC Valentine voices his concern about his partner but Supt Heaton is too busy preparing for a sting where the Skens are due to buy explosives. Meanwhile, DCs Webb and Walker investigate a robbery at a demolition firm.

Season 23 Episode 52
Death or Glory

Supt Heaton and DCI Meadows plan to intercept a Sken gang raid on a security van using intelligence provided by PC Hardy, who has been working with the gang with Heaton’s connivance. However, the gang actually plan to intercept a different target the day before, and an unwitting Hardy is taken along for security.

Season 23 Episode 53
Copy Cat Killer

PCs Armstrong and Hollis attend the scene of a suspected assault. DS Turner and DC Masters investigate the murder of another model. PCs Keane and Green deal with a shop burglary and uncover a case of blackmail.

Season 23 Episode 54
Trail of Blood

Acting Insp Smith organises a police presence at the funeral of a murdered supermodel. PCs Keane and Green track down the man accused of her murder when he escapes from hospital. Sgt Wright attends the branch of a building society, where armed robbers have made off with £20,000.

Season 23 Episode 55
Model Murder Uncovered

DI Manson and DC Dasari reinterview the prime suspect in the supermodel murder case following the withdrawal of his confession. DC Masters reexamines all the evidence and makes an important discovery. DC Webb investigates a smash-and-grab raid on a jewellery shop, but the trail leads to an old friend.

Season 23 Episode 56
Caught by the Killer

DC Masters has been abducted by rogue crime scene photographer Rachel Inns. PCs Noble and Fletcher are sent to look for her, while DS Turner and DC Dasari review her casework hoping for a clue to her whereabouts. Sgt Wright realises that a gun has gone missing from Sun Hill.

Season 23 Episode 57
Good Cop, Bad Cop

New arrival Sgt Callum Stone deals with a disturbance in the custody suite then investigates the circumstances leading to the collapse of a woman brought in to the station by PCs Stamp and Casper. DI Nixon and DCs Walker and Perkins investigate a series of threatening phone calls made to elderly women

Season 23 Episode 58
Killing Me Softly

PCs Hollis and Fletcher arrest a man for vandalising a church. DC Perkins uncovers a suspicious suicide. PCs Green and Valentine attend an assault and theft at a pet shop. Sgt Stone and PC Stamp investigate an assault at the home of a drug addict.

Season 23 Episode 59
No episode under this number is listed.

Season 23 Episode 60
Deadly Secrets

PCs Hollis and Stamp respond to call about a woman with Alzheimer’s disease who has taken her great-granddaughter and gone missing. PC Fletcher is appointed as Family Liason Officer. DS Hunter investigates the blackmail of the wife of a local casino owner. PC Casper becomes increasingly frustrated with Sgt Stone.

Season 23 Episode 61
Diamonds are Deadly

PCs Stamp and Fletcher are notified of a kidnapping. DI Manson and DC Masters investigate a high-value robbery from a jewellery store, and suspect an inside job. DS Hunter comes to the aid of a casino owner’s wife when Stamp and PC Hollis put her in a cell for being drunk.

Season 23 Episode 62
Code of Silence

PCs Armstrong and Keane respond to a missing person report. PCs Hollis and Green discover the misper, who claims to have been beaten and raped. DI Manson arranges a raid on the homes of the suspects.

Season 23 Episode 63
Up in Smoke

Sgt Smith and PC Noble arrest a man for threatening a burger van vendor with a knife. Noble and Sgt Stone investigate a skunk factory. PCs Green and Stamp attend a domestic disturbance. DSs Hunter and Turner try to locate a missing bridegroom.

Season 23 Episode 64
Deadly Shame Part 1

Sgt Stone is called to a derelict hospital building and identifies the body of a missing teenager. DI Nixon and Sgt Smith investigate the circumstances leading to her death, while PC Fletcher acts as FLO.

Season 23 Episode 65
Deadly Shame Part 2

DI Nixon and PC Fletcher investigates suggestions that a dead girl had been abused by her father. Sgt Stone’s tactics cause concern at Sun Hill.

Season 23 Episode 66
A Life of Lies

DS Hunter and DC Das

ari investigate an aggravated burglary. PCs Fletcher and Kapoor respond to reports of a disturbance on an estate and find two badly-beaten men in a flat used by drug dealers.

Season 23 Episode 67
Russian Roulette

Monica Dreyfuss is taken hostage while DS Hunter is driven to the Majestic Casino to remove the ransom money from the safe. DI Nixon investigates.

Season 23 Episode 68
Identity Fraud

Sgt Stone and PC Fletcher search for a woman who has disappeared, leaving her car abandoned, and the trail leads to a case of grievous bodily harm. PCs Armstrong and Stamp investigate a case of identity fraud.

Season 23 Episode 69
Back from the Brink

Sgt Stone briefs the relief on a spate of violent robberies. PC Kapoor is shocked by PC Fletcher’s tactics when collaring a robbery suspect. Sgt Wright and PC Keane attend to a domestic where a man accuses his wife of having an affair, while PCs Armstrong and Green attend to the victim of an assault.

Season 23 Episode 70
Dead and Buried

Sgt Stone and PC Kapoor deal with the assault of a prostitute by an East European diplomat. DS Hunter and DC Dasari investigate the alleged theft of a painting. Kapoor accepts a transfer from Sun Hill.

Season 23 Episode 71
Cracking under Pressure

DS Turner investigates the the possible involvement of a local paedophile in the disappearance of two children. New PC Benjamin Gayle and PC Fletcher deal with the assault of a migrant worker.

Season 23 Episode 72
Rough Justice

DS Turner appears on a television crime show asking for the public’s assistance in solving a vicious burglary. He and DC Perkins investigate, assisted by PCs Green and Gayle.

Season 23 Episode 73
Back from the Dead

PCs Armstrong and Keane come to the aid to the victim of a serious assault, and uncover a stolen passport racket. Insp Gold reopens an investigation into a 20-year-old bank robbery.

Season 23 Episode 74
Take It to the Grave

Insp Gold visits the family of an old-time bank robber in an attempt to find out why he has returned to the country. DC Webb and PC Armstrong mount a surveillance operation on the suspect, but are unable to prevent a further robbery.

Season 23 Episode 75
Uncut Killer

PCs Noble and Armstrong visit a school attended by three teenagers who have collapsed after taking drugs. DS Hunter and DCs Masters and Dasari investigate a new supply of pure-grade cocaine. Both Dasari and Hunter make decisions about their futures.

Season 23 Episode 76
Collateral Damage

New recruit, PC Nate Roberts, joins his colleagues in crowd control outside a crack den that has been set on fire. Sgt Stone and PC Noble investigate the involvement of two squatters. DS Hunter clears his desk.

Season 23 Episode 77
Line Of Fire Part 1

PC Hollis comes to the aid of the victim of an assault, and is stabbed. Sgt Stone identifies a possible suspect. DI Manson and DC Dasari investigate.

Season 23 Episode 78
Line of Fire Part 2

DI Manson leads the pursuit of a dangerous suspect, but the chase ends in tragedy. CID is subjected to an investigation by the Department of Professional Standards, and Manson worries that his career may be on the line.

Season 23 Episode 79
Deadly Intent

Sgt Stone and PC Noble are called to the scene of a domestic disturbance, and investigate a case of alleged blackmail. Sgt Smith and PC Roberts investigate a raffle ticket scam.

Season 23 Episode 80
Stealth Attack

PCs Stamp and Hollis come across a student lying unconscious in an alleyway. DC Masters, DS Turner and DI Nixon investigate the circumstances leading up to her rape. Sgt Smith and PC Keane are called to a disturbance at a mini market. Turner prepares to makes a further appearance on a television crime show

Season 23 Episode 81
Tortured Soul

PCs Armstrong and Gayle investigate an assault on a pupil by the father of another student. Gayle and DC Webb untangle a complex series of sexual abuses.

Season 23 Episode 82
Moving Target Part 1

DCs Perkins and Masters investigate the serious assult of a man promoting a Rock Against Racism concert. Supt Heaton, anticipating trouble at the concert, has a very public run-in with the local M.P.

Season 23 Episode 83
Moving Target Part 2

Officers investigate the double-shooting at the Rock against Racism concert. DCs Masters and Perkins uncover a possible connection to the Bulldogs of Patriotism. DC Dasari investigates the involvement of a local M.P. in the illegal import of artefacts. DI Manson realises that Supt Heaton was an intended target.

Season 23 Episode 84
Moving Target Part 3

DI Manson leads the investigation into the shooting outside St Hugh’s. The search for the gunman leads to evidence incriminating the local M.P. in the illegal import of artefacts.

Season 23 Episode 85
Love, Lies and Limos

PCs Noble and Fletcher respond to a call about a hijacked limousine. DS Turner investigates an assault on the driver’s wife and is tipped off about a cocaine distribution network using limousine hire as cover. DC Webb goes undercover as a city banker to investigate.

Season 23 Episode 86

PCs Armstrong and Fletcher are called out to an assault on a limo driver and a prostitute. Turner and DC Masters investigate the connection to “The Postman”, a dangerous drug dealer. PCs Roberts and Gayle attend a disturbance at a café.

Season 23 Episode 87

DS Turner is blackmailed into working for “The Postman”. A drugs bust is thwarted by a tip-off, and DI Manson suspects a leak from within the team.

Season 23 Episode 88
Operation Brass Balls

PCs Roberts and Keane check out a second-hand jewellery shop suspected of handling stolen goods. DCs Masters and Webb set up a sting operation in the hope of solving a series of warehouse robberies. PCs Green and Noble investigate a fake computer repair shop.

Season 23 Episode 89
Zain: Inside Out Part 1

Sgt Stone and PC Fletcher discover the body of a drug addict recently released from prison. The governor of HMP Hayes End invites DCI Jack Meadows to investigate when a prison officer is found in possession of drugs. Meadows comes across disgraced former police officer Zain Nadir and asks him to assist in intercepting the drugs supply.

Season 23 Episode 90
Zain: Inside Out Part 2

Supt Heaton arranges for Nadir to be released from prison for a day to help DCI Meadows track down an escaped murderer. Unsurprisingly, Nadir encounters hostility from his former colleagues.

Season 23 Episode 91
Assault on Sunhill Part 1

DC Perkins gets a tip-off about a planned cash-in-transit robbery. He, DC Webb and new DS Max Carter plan to catch the thieves in the act, but events do not go as planned and Perkins reacts badly. PCs Armstrong and Gayle arrest two girls for failing to pay a taxi-cab fare, prompting their boyfriends to extreme measures

Season 23 Episode 92
Assault on Sunhill Part 2

Armed youths hold the officers of Sun Hill hostage, demanding the release of their girlfriends. Supt Heaton and Insp Gold try to negotiate, but events soon spiral out of the gunmen’s control. DC Perkins, sleeping off a hangover in the station cells, tries to effect a resolution.