PC Gabriel Kent

Portrayed by: Todd Carty

First Appearance Episode 126

Final Appearance Episode 353

Call Sign 416

Gabriel Kent was the long lost son of June Ackland whom she had given up for adoption at birth. After growing up he left the navy and viewers were lead to believe that Gabriel Kent joined the police service and had requested to be sent to Sun Hill.  This wasn’t quite the truth. After leaving the navy Gabriel Kent moved to USA with his family only to have his ID stolen by his adoptive brother David. So it was David Kent who arrived at Sun Hill as a newly qualified police officer intent on making the life of June Ackland difficult.  David blamed June for his miserable life, his parents, before they died, doted on his brother, Gabriel. I would say he felt left out of the family unit, but in reality it would take a dozen highly skilled psychologists many years to get to the bottom of David Kent’s troubles. David or Gabriel as I shall call him here because at this point the viewer knew him as Gabriel, was quite an enigma. For a time he had his colleagues fooled, everyone except Inspector Gina Gold, who investigated his past at the first given opportunity. Slowly he began to show his true colours and seemed to take delight in bullying women, Ruby Buxton, Sheilagh Murphy, Kerry Young and June Ackland to name but a few of his victims. Gabriel had a perverse sense of justice and no-one or no thing would stand in his way to get it, the British law system meant nothing to this police officer. At the start he would just bend the odd rule to bring a prosecution of a suspect. Poor Ruby Buxton was so mortified in committing perjury after being bullied by Gabriel she resigned from the force. Soon Gabriel brought in thugs to beat up suspects he couldn’t prosecute, before resorting to murder. Gabriel conspired with an old friend, Jason Kirby (better known as the Sun Hill Sniper) to coldly shoot dead those in ‘need’ of his type of justice. However, by this point Gabriel had moved from conspiracy to a killer, taking the gun himself and shooting PC Kerry Young dead, not before raping her weeks before. Kerry’s death was not the only officer’s death that Gabriel could be held responsible for. PC Andrea Dunbarr would have still been alive if she hadn’t figured out the Gabriel was responsible for the sniper deaths, so Gabriel left her to die in an explosion when he could have easily have saved her.

Gabriel was finally realised the game was up and he could no longer live a life of deceit when his brother the real Gabriel Kent showed up at Sun Hill to meet his mother, June during a live episode. Rather than go to prison David Kent threw himself off from the top of a block of flats to his death very nearly taking June Ackland with him.



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