Sgt June Ackland

Portrayed by Trudie Goodwin

First Appearance: Woodentop 16/8/83

Final Appearance: # 489 8/3/07

Call Sign: 48

When we first met June Ackland she was a young WPC and already a respected of member of the team. Given the job of puppywalker she took the new probationer Jimmy Carver under her wing on his first day. Since then, June has had an eventful career, she’s been shot at, kidnapped, raped, attacked, investigated by CIB, and ran over by Tony Stamp in the area car…. not all in the one episode we might like to add!

When she wasn’t dodging cars driven by Tony, June could often be found assisting those around her whether they be the public or fellow officers.  June’s caring nature was rewarded with a promotion to the head of the community support unit and she also became a uniformed sergeant.

June’s personal life conflicted with her work on more than one occasion. From the very first episode, Woodentop, June’s relationship with PC Dave Litten was up for station discussion. Throughout her 23 year Sun Hill career June also had liason’s with DCI Gordon Wray, Gabriel Kent, Tony Stamp and of course there was her disastrous marriage to Jim Carver. Her Inspector, Gina Gold, gave her a wedding she’d won as a prize, of course the station all turned up for the occasion, along with Jim’s ex wife.  Maybe we oughtn’t mention the time when young June Ackland turned up to work drunk after her father’s death forcing other officers to cover for her. However, it wasn’t all one way, June’s work did follow her home on occasion, such as the time her house was firebombed killing her pet cat in the process.

We finally waved goodbye to June in 2007 and she went off into the sunset to retire with headteacher, Rod Jessop whom she met in the course of her work.


Trudie currently holds the world record for playing a police officer for the longest period of time on television.


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