PC Sally Armstrong

Portrayed by: Ali Bastian

First Appearance Cop Killer, Part 1

Final Appearance Unforgiven

Call Sign Sierra Oscar 686

PC Sally Armstrong arrived at Sun Hill after completing her probationary period. She arrived at Sun Hill alongside probationer PC Billy Rowan, she survived her first shift, Billy however was less fortunate and was killed on duty. Sally proved a capable officer, she had her wits about her although on occasion she failed to follow the rule book to the letter. Her biggest faux pas happened when she drunkenly crashed her car and then with the help of PC Ben Gayle she left the scene. With the assistance of Sgt Callum stone and Will Fletcher she was able to escape detection. Life at Sun Hill continued to be pretty eventful for Sally, she lost her friend Emma Keane in a bomb explosion and covered for Sgt Stone’s dubious activities. We are unsure why Sally left Sun Hill but her absence was felt by colleagues and viewers alike.



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